Background I was born and lived in Alamosa,Colorado, USA San Luis Valley (1941-1962). I was born in 1941, at the Alamosa hospital and lived in Alamosa for 5 years. We lived in a duplex near the ASC campus. I would walk to ASC (Adams State College) for preschool. It can be argued that I started ASC at age 5 in 1946. My family moved in 1947 to Sargent, (1948-1954) to Center, (1954-1955) to Home Lake, and (1955-1962) to Monte Vista. While in 6th grade at Center. I was an Alamosa Courier paper carrier at age of 12. I also did yard work for the “rich” people in Center (Banker, Pharmacists, cattle rancher Finley). I earn 25¢-40¢ per hour. In the 1950, schools took a two week break for potato harvest . I picked potatoes which was back breaking work but good money. My family was middle class in 1940-1960. My father earned enough for the basics. I would be the first of our family to go to college. I knew I would have to pay my own way. I got a job as a fry cook at the local A&W Root Beer stand. When I reached 16, I applied for and got a job with US Forest Service (Rio Grand office) The Forest Service was a Monday-Friday job, so I continued to work week ends (Friday night-Sunday) at the .A&W. I had two jobs to earn money for college. No time to play but that also kept me from spend money. I got free meals and all the A&W Root Beer bI coul;d drink. I had applied to Adams State for admission and financial aid. Early in my senior year at Monte Vista High School. I was called to the principals office on day. The school suberntendent (Mr Bricker) gave me great news -- I had been awarded the Alamosa Elks Club scholarship. The scholarship covered full tuition for 3 quarters for the next 4 years. (Tuition was $35/quarter or $105/year) This scholarship money plus the money I earned, and a National Defense loan paid for my Adams State tuition and room/board. I enrolled in the 1959 fall quarter, I was on the road toward my future. I planned to be a teacher and enrolled as a education major. I was good at science and math so I switched majors. I also discovered you could take a heavy course load for no extra charge and elected to take 18-22hr each quarter. This accelerated schedule allowed me to graduate in three years. I took almost every math, chemistry, and physics class available, resulting in a triple major extended. My best semester grade wise was 21 hr of A and 1 hr of B. The B was in basketball {a required physical education class}. I enjoyed studying, The classes and the professors were awesome. My time spent at Adams State were some of the happest and most challenging of my life. My only regret, as I move toward the happy hunting grounds, is that I did not take more classes devoted to art and music. A good book, music, painting are my focus now. Subjects once very important, like thermodynamics, differential equations, analytic chemistry have faded in importance. We should take time to enjoy sunsets. While at Adams State I found time to take an on-campus jobs. I was a Chem lab assistant, dorm counselor and most time consuming was as the main operator of the Adams State College duplication machine. You need to rember that the copy machines did not exist. Carbon paper was used for 2-4 copies. When large numbers of copies were need, the information was typed on a stencil. The stencil was run off on the memo graph machine. The mimeograph (my) office was in the lower level of Richardson Hall below where the current copy center is located. I graduated from Adams State in summer of 1962. My BSS degree (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics) (cum laude) was the highlight for me and my family. I was the first of the Evans to get a college degree. In fall 1962, I enrolled in Kansas State University with a goal of major in Math. I was teaching assistant so I got in state tuition. I earned $105/month ($115/month in the second year.) I graduated in Spring 1964 with a MS in Math. The most important event while at Kansas State was that I met my future wife, We were both were graduate students. I met her in fall 1962, ask her to be my wife, and in spring of 1963 were married. We lived in college married student housing . Like other college money was tight. At one point we had to borrow some money from, my father-in-law. That year our first child was born. We have 3 grown children all college graduates and married. We have 4 grand children. The oldest is a freshman in Wisconsin. The job market for math and science students was booming ion 1964 because of the space race. I had job offers from several computer, petroleum, and manufacturing organizations. 1962 was a much different than today when students with degrees have a difficult time finding a job in their chosen field. My first full time job was with IBM in Rochester, Mn. I worked in the development laboratory as a programmer, system designer, team leader. I worked on parts of the operating system of the IBM S/3, S/38, OS/400. These computer systems are used by companies world wide. I contributed to the software in use today. IBM holds a patent in my name. In 1991, I elected early retirement from IBM. and started my own one man consulting company helping customers secure there IBM OS/400 systems While at IBM and as a consulant, I spoke at conferences in USA, Canada, Europe, and South America. I was called “The Guru of OS/400” after a column I authored in mid range trade magazines. My writings were turned into a book (now out of print) Wayne O. Evans on OS/400 Security. I retired from consulting in 2001, a now live in Tucson, AZ. Now my days are spent working on my computer, swimming, growing cactus and occasional hike in the Sonora Desert. I have lead you through my career. It was jump started by a Elks club scholarship. As soon as I began earning my wife and I began to pay it back. In the early days only $10-20/year which has grown as our wealth grew. Our gift to Adams State was in the thousands and similar amounts to Kansas State. These gifts are matched 50% by IBM. Both universities are included in our wills. Many alumni identify with and support sports teams. My wife and I have elected to direct our gifts to the academic areas, I believe the purpose of colleges and universities is to train future leaders, teachers, social workers, and those who improve life. There enough over-paid athletic player/coaches/stadiums. Wayne O Evans The purpose of college/universities is not to teach facts but to teach students how to learn. I my career most of what I did was learned after I left formal training. .